Trans-Siberian Express

Are you ready to be trainsformed by God and are you stoked for some great adventure in the nations? This track is really the backpackers dream! One long train packed with travellers from all over the world, in the middle of the Siberian steppes. On this track, you will get a ticket to ride the Trans-Mongolian express. Be prepared for an amazing journey with the Holy Spirit leading.
Imagine 7865km of railroad ahead, passing the raw and pristine landscapes from Moscow to Beijing while doing ministry inside the train. Picture meeting backpackers from all nationalities, locals Mongolians living in their traditional Yurts (tents) and seeing wild horses run alongside the train. Then getting off the train, going out of your comfort zone and into three capital city’s in the far east of the world.
This outreach focuses on Russia, Mongolia and China. We are longing to see God known and a church on fire in these countries. So are you up for a radical, crazy and adventurous outreach?

*The exact locations where we will get off the train will be revealed during the first weeks of the
Lecture Phase.


Price for this track: 30 000