What is the School Of Ministry Development (SOMD)?

The heart of this school is equipping our STAFF to be effective kingdom builders and leaders to understand our DNA as a mission and to be prepared for their call and destiny in missions.

The internship is available for those who have completed a DTS and are serving as staff.

We believe in young people, seeing them discover their identity in Christ, being discipled, coming into their calling and walking in the good plans God has for them. 

Here at YWAM Rogaland we are committed to seeing all of our staff grow in the Lord and develop their ministry skills and gifts.

We are already doing this, so the SOMD is a University of the Nations program to formalize this training and to be more intentional and effective with the process. The SOMD (CHR 241) is a solid step towards an associate degree, should you be aiming for a formal qualification. We believe this school is an excellent way for our staff to grow. This is also in line with YWAM’s vision to champion young leaders!

A big benefit with this school is that it is an internship, so you can combine staffing with training! The duration of this internship is 18 - 24 months. The theory part is in 12 modules (giving 12 credits) which may be in full teaching weeks format during the staff training periods before another school starts or as a unit with a part time week spread over several weeks while staffing a school.

The topics covered include:

Identity and reflecting the example of Christ in Lifestyle

Calling & Vision

Leadership and reflecting the example of Christ in Ministry

Discovering and Developing gifts and ministry skills

Team work and unity 

Biblical World view and building the Kingdom of God 

Practical dependence on God for financial provision 

Evangelism and local ministry 

Leading intercessory prayer and worship 

Bible study and communicating truth 

YWAM vision and values and Communicating YWAM with others 

Living and serving wholeheartedly in missions

The outreach portion or field assignment (CHR 242) gives 12 credits.

The next internship season begins January 2, 2019 with the YWAM Norway staff conference.

The cost for the training is 800 NOK for YWAM Rogaland staff.

(This does not include staff fees for food and accommodation or outreach costs)