School of Frontier missions 


What is a School of Frontier missions

Here at YWAM Rogaland we are excited to be partnering with our sister base in Kristiansand Norway. Together we will be working with School of Frontier Missions to train people in sharing the Good News of God. We do not offer this school at the YWAM Rogaland base. Instead our partnership means that we will send our students to their base. Together we will pray, train, and teach both schools. 

"The School of Frontier Missions, or SOFM, is similar to the DTS. It consists of a lecture phase followed by a 9 month internship. The Kristiansand SOFM focuses on preparing students to share the Good News with the unreached, get trained to understand different world views and belief systems, plant growing churches, and get placed on a team."

Lecture Phase

"This is not lecture-heavy, theoretical training! Staff and students will be experimenting with culture, worship, and local-style evangelism throughout the school. We will visit refugees in the area local to the school – Norway now has people from all over the world living here. We will spend time in local communities, and learn from those around us. You will hear from experienced field workers, staff and church planters, who have years of ministry, countless stories, and eye-opening case studies to learn from."

Outreach Phase

"After the SOFM lecture phase finishes, you will go on a 9 months field internship. We will place you with a “CP” (Church Planting)  team and there you will be mentored and coached to start your missional learning journey amongst an unreached people group. In addition, you will be offered on-going training and coaching opportunities with experienced field-workers. The SOFM school leader and staff will support you during the internship phase.

There are different field assignment locations available and we will try to match your calling, burden, and giftings with the field team you will be assigned to. If you have a specific people group or location in mind, let us know!

We strongly encourage you to go on this 9 months field internship. But if, due to exceptional circumstances, you are unable to join an internship team, we will customize an outreach program (ranging from 2 to 6 months) specifically for you."


*This is a secondary school in YWAM's University of the Nations and requires that you have already completed one of the following: DTS/CDTS/FDTS. For questions or more information use our contact form.