Reach the Unreached

- Because some people have never heard -
Through every generation there has been people who have been willing to lay down their own comfort to go to a culture not their own. Because of their joyful sacrifice the kingdom of God has been growing to influence many nations of the world. But still there are people groups that have little or no Christian witness amongst them. We believe we can do something about this, and that we can have an impact through this DTS.
This track will not travel to many nations – but the place we are going to might be hard to get to and from. It will be a journey that you will never forget, with a people group that will be so different from us. We will learn from their culture, eat their food, wear their clothes, start to talk their language and sing their songs. We want to use our time to stand together with long term missionaries – and bless them in any possible way.
“One soul is more important than all the silver and gold in the whole world!”

Price for this outreach track: 22,500 NOK