Mission Opportunities

SENDING: Romans 10:15 "and how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful is the feet of those who bring good news!""

If you sense a calling for mission we would like to stand behind you, by sending you and help you out practically. YWAM Rogaland wants to facilitate for missions and we offer several Mission Opportunities.


Multigenerational MP trips

Come with us to visit a location where encouragement is needed! We go for some weeks to do missions. This year the first MP trip goes to Europe, Denmark week 28. During fall/winter we plan to do the second- more info will come.


Mission Builders

Do you like to serve God practically? Then join and go to do His work!

This year we are sending mission builders to Kona, Hawaii in February, and Ethiopia in november.


One year team

You can go out with a one year team- August 2017- June 2018 to Turkey, Bulgaria, Colombia or China. 


Local Ministries

We care about the local communities! We send worship and ministry teams, speakers and mentors to the churches in Norway.  We love to pray for healing and restoration, and have a continuous prayer link going.


Pioneer Long Term Field work

You can be sent to a part of the world where no work is established or link up with a work that is already up and going! Read more about our fieldworkers and where they are serving here(link.. to FW tab)