living on the edge

Are you up for the challenge?
Do you like to take risks? Are you the one in the group who always sees further than the rest? Have you always been fascinated with places where most people don’t even think about going? Then maybe this track is for you.

The area we go to is often called the “10/40 window” in Christian settings. The term has been made because most of the worlds unreached people groups live in that area. Actually, as much as two-thirds of the worlds population live in this area. That’s more than 4 billion people that live in this area. According to the Joshua Project approximately 62% of these individuals live in an unreached people group. In many of these countries, testifying about Jesus can result in imprisonment.

This track is for those who are not afraid of a challenge and want to see Christ glorified even in difficult or restricted places.
Are you willing to live on the edge for Jesus? Come join us for an amazing adventure with Jesus.


*All the countries (3-5 nations) change from year to year and the details concerning the locations are revealed during the first weeks of the Lecture Phase.

Price for this outreach track: 32 500 NOK