Why are we travelling through Central America this year?

For many people this trip may seem like a rush but we believe that there is something more than just traveling through Central America to add more stamps in our passports. 

Some years ago YWAM Rogaland discovered in God’s heart the vision of working with and empowering Latinos. Latin America has been at the very core of our hearts since then. We’ve tried several times to get started with momentary success, why? Maybe because we haven’t had a vision large enough that we could build up for the future; maybe because of the timing; who knows? Only the Lord. 

But this year is different. 

This year we started with a vision written down: we want to see a new location for YWAM in Mexico City - first but not only- that can serve as an operational center to all Latin America with the purpose of empowering and encouraging the church on this side of the planet to go to the nations. We also want to see more people from other continents coming to this place to teach believers, and disciple and serve the ones that still need to hear the message of the kingdom. 

But, what do we need to see this happen? Prayer.

Prayer is the place where everything starts. With it we can get to know God’s heart, not only for the nations but in such a level of intimacy that it will draw us closer to him, more than we can ever imagine. Yes, we want to see the world transformed but in order to see that we need to know the visions and heart of the One who can make an eternal change. Prayer will help us to enjoy the process of surrendering everything to our Lord. Prayer will open our hearts and the church’s to obeying God’s calling. Prayer will prepare the hearts of the people who need to hear God’s message of salvation and will take them into action. And those prayers mixed with actions will, literally, change the world. 

That’s what we’re doing here. Praying. Praying over the nations we pass through, for the church and people here so we can see the beginning of a movement outside of the borders of Latin America to the nations! 

This is just the beginning.