There is far more to this young, cheerful person than one might see at first glance. Upon deeper inspection, we’d find a man of high quality character and integrity. Pablo Reyna Monge comes from Mexico City; he has a passion for futbol (soccer) and right after high school he dreamed of entering a professional team and traveling the world, but to his disappointment he was told he couldn’t continue on the team. This left him feeling depressed, but it was around that time that he met a YWAM team from Norway who had come on outreach to his church. Pablo says they inspired him to pursue what he already had in his heart, to travel, and get to know God more. He had intended to go to college, but when that didn’t work out either, he decided to apply for a DTS in Norway. 

At the very first, Pablo was nervous and he wasn’t certain that this was where God wanted him. The most difficult thing for him was the language barrier, since at that point he still wasn’t fully fluent in English. At times he felt isolated and frustrated because he couldn’t express himself the way he wanted to. 

Things began to change quickly, though. He persevered boldly despite the challenge. He learned to lay his shame at the cross; and he found that God began to speak to him most through others. They told him to relax and not be frustrated, but to just enjoy his time. It was these people around him that made him feel welcomed and wanted. Now Pablo can carry on a full conversation in English. He has progressed and grown tremendously. He’s confident now that this is where God wanted him. 

“There are times where somebody just walks up and tells me exactly what I need to hear. I think God talks most through those little things.”