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Explore Europe 

Are you looking for an exciting adventure through Europe? Do you long for breaking out of the ordinary? Do you want to experience God's daily provision and being fully dependent on Him?

On this special track you will have all the characteristics of our conventional Explorer track but with an explicit focus on the Schengen-area countries. We will have a simplistic lifestyle, but still be generous with what God has given us!

We believe Europe needs Jesus! Over the last centuries there has been a decline in the number of believers in Europe. But this is not how the story of our beloved continent will end. God is not finished with Europe, and another wave of revival is still yet to come. Do you want to take part in God's plan for this continent. Do you want to be a forerunner?



*Please not that you need a special visa to do this track unless you are from Schengen. Please contact us and we will help you. All the countries (3-5 nations) change from year to year and the details concerning the locations are revealed during the first weeks of the Lecture Phase.


Price for this track: 25,000 NOK