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Has the idea of an open sky, the smell of a bonfire right outside your tent and the sound of a guitar always delighted you? Do the overnight stays in the outdoors make you feel excited? Then you really want to try this track!

The nature and community will be your best allies, and the tent on your back a place to call home!

On this track you will travel to different nations*, and seek for a place to create a community that lives and loves Jesus. Together with your outreach team you will disciple people as you live among them! From the beaches of Australia to the forests of Switzerland! Or from the lakes of Finland to the heart of a refugee camp, you will be able to show God’s love right at the center of action but also through the beauty of His nature!

Get ready to love and enjoy the community life surrounded by all of God’s magnificent creation!


*All the countries (3-5 nations) change from year to year and the details concerning the locations are revealed during the first weeks of the Lecture Phase.

Price for this outreach track: 25,000 NOK