"Constellation" - Rebecca Lambert


“I held out my hand, but you weren't there. Our family stands shoulder to shoulder, side by side. I reached out for you, child, but my hand was cold where yours should have warmed it. How desperately did I stand with outreached hands, fingers grasping for yours, but they were nowhere to be found. Oh you who were meant to be here, how my heart aches for you. How the cold of your absence freezes my arm, freezes my hand, freezes my heart. Come back. Come back from the void, come in from the storm, come out from the valley. You who belong here, come home to your family. For the sky is empty of starts until you shine as well. For there is a void as long as you are absent. My hand is outstretched, but you don't come. I wait for you. I wait. I wait. I will wait. Come up from the water, return from the void, flee the wilderness and come and take my hand. For my palm is cold until your hand rests safely on it once more. Oh how I long for the one who should be here.

And I remember you. I remember the first sight of you. I set you as a comet on your way to join the stars. I set your course. How proudly, how tall did I stand as I stepped back and sent you to your course. And I remember when they-those who caught first light of you- were caught by your light. I watched the glint in their eyes as they saw you for the first time. For you were a comet, my beautiful comet. And I remember when you established your place, when you slowed down, when you settled amongst the stars. I watched my favorite constellation come together. With every burning star, you gleamed brighter and brighter. My favorite constellation. The galaxy spins around you, but I am your constant. And I will be there for you when you are ready to become my supernova, when you are ready to return to me one final time. Yes, I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end, and I will be there night and day in between; my comet, my supernova, my favorite constellation.”

-Rebecca Lambert