What it means to base staff

Hey all, Sam here.

My time base staffing has been short so far but I love it.

I’m a media guy, a photographer and videographer, I love to get around and travel, but I’m choosing to be a constant face on the base. And yea, I admit, its not as glorious as staffing a DTS or BCC, but I love being in the backgrounds and still be able to connect with people, to hear their stories and tell their stories.

Base staffing, at the core, has the servant heart of God, knowing that not everyone will see or even notice the things that you do (even if you clean up after them). It also gives you the frequent opportunity to be more involved in the community and invest into the church and neighborhoods around the base.

Base Staffing, at its core, is purely the servant heart of God, knowing that not many will see or even notice the things you do.

It’s not glorious in the same ways as DTS or BCC staff might be, but its just as rewarding in different ways. Speaking into the lives of not only the students and staff on base but the children and youth who don’t come to our base. We get to be used by God to change lives, in the small and big things we do.

I wouldn’t say its easy to do, but if God has given me a heart for Norway, for the youth here, then Base staff is the perfect fit for me. I get to invest in youth groups and have a say in their understanding of who God is and how we act in return. If he is Love, what does that say about how we should live?