The Living and Active Word

This is a compilation of a past BCC students experiences here at YWAM Rogaland during the Fall 2017 BCC...

Hi everyone,

So I'm going to be vulnerable right now and say that I had my first "melt down" today.
I was listening to that voice that said "you're not good enough. You're not smart enough. You don't have all the money. You're too slow. This is too much." I got overwhelmed with all the work that is required. The deep process, The countless hours of bible reading. (Today we read 4 books and that took like 2.5 hrs) not going to lie, my eyes get heavy sometimes. I've had headaches for the past 5 days. (No joke, I think it has to do with all the thinking haha) a lot needs to be done and yes they say "it's not about grades but about the growth" but you can't just not compare yourself sometimes to the amount of work others can finish compared to you and then talk yourself down. It's definitely stressful all week, but then Sunday comes along and it's so cool to be able to reflect on all you did and be amazed at the amount of revelation and wisdom you got out of a letter Paul the apostle once wrote to Philemon!! We are currently going deep in the book of Acts and all I can say is that it's sooo good. 

Went out to do street evangelism (talk to random ppl about Jesus) in the city of Stavanger. About 30 of us went and got divided into groups. 
Not gonna lie, we were a little hesitant as to how to approach ppl but kept praying as we walked for God to give us courage and step out in boldness. My friend Lauren and I stepped into a coffee shop we felt led to sit with this group of girls sitting there. One of them didn't believe in God at all so it was the perfect opportunity! We both shared a little of what Jesus has done in our lives and how that led us to believe, how he loves and forgives us regardless of our past. It really isn't about if you're ready, it's all about if you're willing to let Him use you!

Awe man, this past week has been so refreshing to my soul!!! My journal is getting packed with the most sweetest experiences ever!!! The following is a journal entry: oct 21, 2017 🌬🍃☀️

in need of some Jesus time, i run outside without grabbing my jacket. 
there i was, trying to pray and all my heart could do was sing. I know singing is no talent of mine but i sounded pretty good at the moment. It was kind of crazy! Then this rushing wind comes and i suddenly remember i didn't bring my jacket. but i don't feel cold at all. I felt warm. Holy Spirit was there! He whispers into my heart, "this is what you sound like to Jesus." all I could do was cry. it was in that instant when I stopped singing that I realized the birds were singing with me, the wind was whispering it's own song, causing the trees to dance in praise to our Heavenly Father. 
ill never forget today

As soon as we got back from Israel we jumped right Into the book of Hebrews. In this "brief word of exhortation," the author contrasts the Old Testament with the new and its absolutely clever!! In it you see MANY Jesus characteristics which we studied and listed them all out. The question in one of our assignments was, "now, who is Jesus to you?"
I've been tremendously encouraged by looking as this list and seeing who Jesus is layed out!! I am going through a season where God is asking me to dive deeper but instead of feeling joy, I feel confused, and heavy-hearted at all the things I have to lay down, and in all sincerity at the fear of the unknown. 
Subconsciously, I've been weighting the pros and the cons and then asking myself, "is it really worth it?" even though I'm physically and emotionally healthy, my heart is still heavy and my spirit isn't 100% But through these characteristics and being reminded of His faithfulness, I can't but be encourage to continue running with endurance, persevere and say Jesus you are SO worth it!!