This is Faithfulness.

Its very nice to share my testimony with you. I will share the short version.I came to Norway in 2009 because of a false accusation in back in Afghanistan. When I came here I lived in a refugee centre and I stayed there for almost 2 years. After that I got a job because I’m a car mechanic and found a car shop where I got a job. And I didn’t even know him yet, but it was God’s plan to send me there. My boss was a good Christian but I was a Muslim.

Even though I was a Muslim my boss had worship and prayer every day for half hour before work, which was very special to me. One day I asked if I could join him and he said yes and then he even asked if he wanted to study the bible with him. I thought that it would be a good way to study Norwegian so I said yes.

For a year we built this relationship. After 2 years my application for residence was denied and I lost my job and everything. I was very upset and I even wanted to take my life. I had two children at home and I was thinking what they would be like without me here.

I was upset and praying to Jesus. I knew that he had done the miracles and that he was good. One night I was praying to Jesus and I asked if he would show me what to do. And all of a sudden there was a huge white light and he said “follow me and I will protect you and you don’t need to worry about anything.”

And I asked if he would heal my leg because it was hurting and I heard that Jesus healed too and then right there my leg was better and there was no more pain. I asked him what I should do and if I should go or stay

The next day I went back to my job and I met a man who was very friendly and he was asking me all these questions. He asked if I was a Christian “I said yes hallelujah!”

And he asked if I was baptized and I said no and then he asked if I go to church and then I told him my story and then he invited me to church. This was Jan. Then we went and he presented me to the church and they were all very friendly. The next Sunday the pastor asked me who I was, what I was doing, and if I was ready to be baptized. So I was baptized in 2012.

Then Jan asked me if I wanted to come to DTS. I had no idea what it was but I was being offered a free place to stay and eat and learn. But I had so much on my mind because of the problems with my application and I didn’t know if I would be able to focus.

I felt God said that I should go and check it out and if it was the right thing I would know. So I went to SKF where we had class and I felt his love and grace and mercy and that it was life a family. It was the place that I had been looking for my whole life.

Two weeks into the DTS I had another dream. At that time I was really concerned for my wife and 2 kids. In my dream I was taking a bus to school and as I was on the bus there was a girl and her face was shining. I started to talk to this girl and tell her my story. When it was time to get off I said farewell. She said “you have told me about all the good things but the most important things you still haven’t told me”

The next day on my way to class I called my family because I had some time. I told her all of the things but when the bus was coming I told her that I had to go. Then she said “you have told me all the things but the most important things you haven’t told me. Tell me what is in your heart.”

That night I told her everything. I told her I had met Jesus and that I was a Christian. She was so happy and she was rejoicing. I was really surprised because I thought that she would reject me. Then she shared that she had had a dream as well and that a man came to her and said the same thing: that she had to listen to her husband because he had chosen the good path.

The night before the cultural meal on kairos I had a dream. I didn’t know what was coming the next day on the course, but in my dream I had been praying like a Muslim just like I had been back in Afghanistan. I said “I’m not a Muslim anymore why am I praying like this?” And the man next to me said I have to do it.

I woke up and thought about it and thought I it was an attack from the enemy. I went to class the next morning thinking about it. And then in class the next morning we prayed like the Muslims. If I hadn’t had that dream I probably wouldn’t have done it but God was saying that it was okay and prepared me.

After 7 years and 3 months, and 10 applications and 3 denials. The 3rd of February 2017 I got my permit for staying in Norway. And I can now apply for my family to come! God is AMAZING and FAITHFUL! Hallelujah!!