We Are An Apostolic Community!

As the father has sent me, so I am sending you! - John 20:21

We in YWAM Rogaland are an apostolic community. We are sent by Jesus to the world to proclaim the Good News and to make disciples! This happened with the first disciples and Jesus is sending us today!

There are some ‘signs’ that are typical for an apostolic community. It is a place where you believe in, and make room for people. Again, here is Jesus our great example. He called twelve disciples and poured his life into them.

He trained his disciples. First he demonstrated. Then he did it with them. And then released them to what he did. This is what we try to do! YWAM Rogaland is a place where people are growing.

An apostolic community is a place where God speaks and where there is vision. Jesus was totally dependent on his Father. He did what the Father told him. One example is when he went through Samaria and came to the town of Sychar. Here there was a woman who needed to hear the Gospel and as a result of this, numerous Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus!

I am sitting writing this article in Vienna. It is amazing to be here, and the reason why I am here, is because Jesus called us to this beautiful city in the heart of Europe.

Jesus had a local and global vision. He shared the Good News in Capernaum where he lived (at times) and later he told his disciples to go into the all the World. At that time it was difficult to travel . Today the world is just some hours away. However we are called to follow his example and go!

So we are following Jesus! Believing and making room for people to grow and find their calling. We are sending people to serve locally but also in the whole world! It is exciting. Last year we sent teams to 29 nations. We listen to God and allow Him to lead us! It is thrilling! And he is faithful and he gives us more vision - so we can reach the world with the Good News!

He is sending us! Apostello means to be sent out! That is why we call ourselves an apostolic community.

- Jan Torland, Base leader at YWAM Rogaland