He Simply Loves Us.

I never expected it to happen to me. I had heard so many stories in my lifetime--stories of these incredible miracles--but for me it seemed like something in the distance. It was something that happened to "other people" in "other places." Little did I know how much my life would change on the 20th of January, 2017.

Our topic for the first week of teaching was 'Knowing God' (in His fullness). Him as a father, as the Son and the Holy Spirit. Towards the end of the week we had a chance for the whole staff to pray over each of the students individually for the Holy Spirit to meet and fill us. My heart leapt at the thought--I was so excited! Throughout the week Christ was slowly freeing me from burdens and pain weighing me down from the past year. He has changed so much of my view on entering His presence and spending time with Him. Bringing light to the eyes of my heart that I can truly, boldly, and freely, enter into His presence. I don't have to do anything, I can simply just be with Him and rest with my head on His chest.

During this time of prayer The Holy Spirit met with me! He met with me and filled me with the freedom of His joy, the love of His touch, and with His breath of life. And guess what? He wasn't finished yet.


We also had an opportunity for some of the staff to pray for physical healing. I was diagnosed and have been dealing with scoliosis for over 6 years now, and It has caused life to be a bit more difficult and more painful. Logically my mind was trying to convince me against it, but my heart was too excited at the possibility for God to work in this way, so I walked up and asked for prayer.

First they had me sit fully back in a seat and put my feet in one of the staffs hands. He then pushed my legs back to see if there was a difference in length, and saw that my left leg was about 1 inch shorter than my right. After making sure I was ready he prayed, " Alright,  by the authority given to us by Jesus Christ, left leg grow to the same length as her right." I could not feel a thing, but right before my eyes, and the eyes of those around me, my left leg grew to the same length as my right. My left leg grew to the same length as my right! I was breath-taken, and even still God was not finished.

Next they had me lie down and put their hands on the biggest curve on my spine.

At first it didn't seem as though anything was happening, however, each time they paused in prayer and had me check, the curve moved further down and became smaller. As they prayed, I prayed. With my face on the floor and my heart in His hands I repeated these words over and over again, "Holy Spirit, I trust You want to do this for me, I trust that You want healing for me. I trust you and I expect great things from You. Your will be done." And it was. The biggest curve in my spine is now straight!

Church, this is the God we serve. He is alive and powerful! The things He has done in the past He will do in the future because that is His Character, and He cannot deny Himself. He wants to do good and great things for us. He might not always answer us how we want, sometimes it may be completely different than we asked, and sometimes He will even do more than we asked for, but He will always do what is the very best for us. And He does simply because He loves us.