We are Stronger Together

When people hear the term worker´s kid (‘MK’) they have one of two reactions; they either react positively or react indifferently. There is no wrong reaction. As an MK myself, I have experienced both. It is always nice to be accepted into an environment as an MK, with a group that asks questions and take an interest in where you are from and what you have done in your life. However, that does not always happen.

Being in my home country, South Africa, made me realize one thing, as an MK I strive for community. A community who will accept me for who I am, even if they don’t understand much from the way my family lived. I wanted to find a community who was genuinely interested in my past and who got excited with me when I show them pictures of where I lived. From an outsider's perspective it’s easy to not be intentional about getting to know the life of an MK, because of how far removed it is from what you might be used to – and it’s okay not to understand.

When making the decision to join YWAM for a DTS – I considered whether it will give me the community I have been striving for as a MK. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew at the time that it is very important to be with a group of like-minded young people. It was important for me to feel a sense of belonging in a group with mission oriented people, who could understand and get excited when hearing the story of a MK. From conversations with different MK’s I have learned that we all have a real passion for people and we have the ability to grow real close to people. This is a bonus, but it makes it so difficult to say goodbye after a few months. Now you might not know what this has to do with YWAM or taking a DTS, but the truth is being part of a community like this is amazing, but at the same time you go through the process of making lifelong friends and the difficulty of saying goodbye to them. The joy is worth the pain.

As an MK I am honoured to share life with my friends at YWAM. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to share stories with like minded people or love people from all around the world. I feel honoured to learn from them and also share insights from an MK perspective with them.