Diving Deeper

          Today is Tuesday, February 23rd and we have just started up week six with our Backpack DTS. It has been crazy to see how time has flown by because of loaded schedules, wonderful times of fun and fellowship, and inspiring days of lectures. We just wrapped up Bible Reading Weekend these past couple of days where the whole DTS went away for the weekend to read the entire New Testament! They’re hard at work getting to know God on a deeper level through His Word!

          So far with four different speakers and six different lecture topics, the school has been challenged, stretched and grown in ways they themselves couldn’t even imagine. Our day-to-day life involves either worship or intercession beginning at 08:30 and ending at 09:20 and then onto lectures each week day between 09:30 and 13:15 with a 20 minute fruit break mid day. After that, we head up to a building called Ljosheim (yoo-sime) for our hot lunch at 13:30 which involves about a 10 minute walk each way from our main building KK. By the time lunch is finished it’s time for differing afternoon activities such as small group, practical work, one-on-ones, prayer walk, or outreach prep followed by dinner at 18:00. Aside from this, our time is filled by working on journals, book reports, catching up with friends and family over skype, games, exploring Stavanger or hiking the local fjords on the weekends, impromptu jam sessions or sometimes even spontaneous baking parties.

          As a whole DTS, students and staff have been really enjoying the time spent getting to know each other and sharing life over these past five weeks. At this point in the school outreach leaders are finalizing their itineraries, students are half way through lecture phase and everyone is still having fun and growing tremendously. It has been a huge blessing to our base to have so many different cultures and nations represented through this school. This past weekend we had a homemade Chinese dinner for our culture night as well as a Jewish feast on Wednesday after learning for the first part of our week about the Covenant. We have seen healings, break through, tears and shouts of victory and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for our coming lecture weeks as we continue to dive deeper with Him.

Velsigne deg!

YWAM Rogaland