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Blindfolded Globetrotting

Intrigued by the unexpected and unknown?
“Imagine being on a team where nobody knows where you are going. Not even the team leader. As all the teams get ready to leave and pray for their nations, you are praying as well, trusting God to give you revelation about the place you are going and the people you will meet. Then, just some hours before your plane leaves; you receive an e-mail. The mail contains the tickets for your first travel. You rush off to your first destination – for the next three months this will be your future – an adventure of the unexpected and unknown, but nevertheless with a great expectation to see God move in miracles and power.”
This track is a once in a life time opportunity, and is as far as we know the only one of its kind in YWAM. The point of this track is to learn to trust God, even when we do not have any control ourselves.
With the typical Backpack DTS DNA we will travel to different nations and experience who God is through different cultures and people – all the time with the goal of sharing Jesus with the ones we meet. This will truly be an adventure with God as your only safe haven.
“Lay everything in God’s hands; He has good plans for you!”



Price for this outreach track: 35 000 NOK