What is the BCC?

The BCC is a Secondary Level School in YWAM's "University of the Nations" (U of N), designed to help you study God's Word and apply it practically into your everyday life. 

During the three months, experienced Bible teachers will instruct you on how to study scripture on your own and teach you methods to understand it for yourself. Six days a week you will dig, read, and explore the Bible! It is an intense and challenging school that you will leave you astonished by how much God can show you in this time. Our goal is that He will open up this "old book" to you and enlarge your understanding of who He is.

God has a plan for your life and for this world, and He wants to show it to you!

In the bcc, you will:

Read through the whole Bible (partially visualized)

Focus on knowing God and being transformed by Him and His Word

Gain a deeper understanding of Biblical structure and literary styles

Learn to study the Bible using the inductive study method

Take part in creative and interactive teaching and learning experiences

Learn to preach and teach the Bible (including proper preparation)

Make discoveries about life in Biblical times

Learn to lead small groups and Bible studies

Explore different styles of prayer and worship

Take a study trip to Israel (optional)

And much more!