A van with a guitar, some great friends with broken voices, and the open road with a quest to share Jesus.

Have you ever dreamt about the ultimate road-trip?

Then this track will be for you. We’ll start by getting a van, packing our bags, making a playlist, and then off for a life altering adventure, while making lifetime memories all to glorify Jesus!

We’re going to intercede and worship as the landscape passes by us. Stopping or going as we are led by God, to meet the needs of those we encounter. Lend a helping hand to the broken down car on the side of the road - pray for the lady selling knitted sweaters – playing soccer with kids as we have a break -  sharing life with the hitchhikers we pickup.

This is just some of the examples of what is to expect on this mission

Price for this outreach track: 30 000 NOK