Are you willing to take the risk just to reach the view? What about getting your hands muddy and your legs tired to serve? Are you ready to use new and different methods to survive? Then this is your track!

From hikes to bikes or walks to boats no matter what it takes we will be there!! 

Imagine the adventure of walking through the Amazonian jungle to an unreached tribe in Brazil, or biking throughout the little towns of Japan* with nothing else but the intention of sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and showing his love through your words and service meanwhile marveling and worshiping our God for his wonderful creation! Be aware that this is a physically demanding track, so prepare your bodies for a lot of physical activity. 

Ready? Set. Go! 

*All the countries (3-5 nations) change from year to year and the details concerning the locations are revealed during the first weeks of the Lecture Phase.

Price for this outreach track: 30,000 NOK